My last tweet

Finally, the time has come for me to depart twitter after well over eight years. The service has proven wonderful for creating light relationships, advertising & keeping up with the news. In an age of information overload & shallow relationships, it’s time to move on to deeper waters.

What’s changed?

It’s me, not you, twitter. When I first started using you, I was residing in Toronto and the twitter community was vibrant. Tweetups, meetups and activities. For someone younger, with energy and immense swathes of time, it was, and still is the best way to have your finger on the pulse of your local area and world.

Being able to follow & interact with people directly involved in news and events as they were happening is powerful. Instead of simply being inanimate & reading about news days after it took place, you could partake. World-changing.

Despite all of those benefits, in an age of info. overload, device addiction and short attention spans — twitter has proved detrimental, and emotionally overwhelming to someone like myself that’s moved to compassion easily.

So what’s next?

I’m going to hopefully save my 144 characters for long-form. I’ll be floating around here, and facebook (a service I completely despise, but begrudglingly use) if you wish to ever get in touch.

Note: I’ll still periodically retweet stuff, & likely parse my feed weekly.