Neither here nor there

The name of the blog, “Neither here nor there” is a reflection of my inability to live in the here and now, but instead I often find myself straddled between the past & present, both in location and mind. Once somewhat of a nomad, now settled in Signal Mountain, Tennessee. Having yet to reside anywhere for more than a few years at a time before uprooting, this time, things seem different.

My pursuit of Christ

One of the greatest aspects of pursuing Christ is his promise that his yoke & burden are light. The label of “Christian” is easy to toss on one’s back, but, learning how to be one is an entire life’s journey. Frankly, before becoming a husband & having children — I had no idea what that entailed, and, instead of offering grace I offered disgrace.

Above all, I hope my legacy will reflect my pursuit of Christ. Thusfar, I’ve failed miserably, and take solace in his grace — and that it’s more than sufficient.

My daily life

On a day to day basis, I work at Fused, a web hosting company I founded. I’ve got two three four beautiful children with more on the way & a wonderful Christ-seeking wife.

My interests

I tend to blog about Christianity, design, health, the environment & some light politics. I care greatly about being a good steward for my short stay here on earth.

Place wind behind my sails so that I might show my pursuit of you is not in vain and that you will finish your work in me. I desire not to be a slothful servant. Break me & mold me on a daily basis so that I may improve.